Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of private speech therapy?

One therapist + one client = productive, attentive therapy sessions

Specialized, professional, and client-focused

Individualized care that considers your lifestyle and goals

Fully comprehensive evaluation

Open collaboration with providers and educational teams

Flexible appointment scheduling

Advice, support, and additional practice materials between sessions

Prompt response to messages, inquiries, and billing concerns

Complimentary initial consultation

What do I need for an initial consultation?

If you are coming into the office for your consultation, please log into the Client Portal (see welcome email for instructions) and view your documents. On the day of your appointment, please bring identification, insurance card, and any previous evaluation reports, Individualized Education Plans, progress reports, or other therapy-related documentation.

If we are conducting an initial consultation over the phone, it is most beneficial to have therapy-related documentation or other specific information ready to reference during our call. Before this appointment, please log into the Client Portal (see welcome email for instructions) and view your documents.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We are an in-network provider with Cigna, Blue KC (Preferred Care Blue PPO, Blue Care HMO), TRICARE, Home State Health, Medicare, Humana, United Healthcare, and MoHealthNet (Missouri Medicaid).

If we are not currently partnered with your insurance provider, we will provide you with the necessary documentation to present to your insurance company if speech/language therapy is a covered out of network benefit.

If you have questions about your coverage or would like tips on ensuring speech and language services are covered, please check out this resource from ASHA: About Health Insurance

Interested in information about advocating for speech, language and hearing coverage from your employer? Click here.

Information for employers, insurers, and labor unions on adding speech, language and hearing coverage to their policies: here.

How much will therapy cost?

During your consultation appointment, we will review all of the information regarding evaluation and/or treatment session cost. 

do you offer training or education to employers or other groups?

Yes. Communication Studio is equipped to offer education and training related to speech, language, and communication disorders for employers, caregivers, and other groups. 


What are your hours?

Communication Studio is open for scheduled appointments.  We make every attempt to find a day and time that works best within your schedule. We have weekend and evening appointments available.

Please check our website for special events or group therapy times.

what is a screening?

A speech and language screening is a 15-20 minute, informal assessment of your child’s speech sound production, use and understanding of language, social language skills, vocal quality, and speech fluency.  A screening allows us to determine if there is a need for further evaluation.  If your child does not pass the screening, we may discuss a comprehensive evaluation to further look at speech and/or language skills. You will leave the screening with a summary of the results to share with your pediatrician.

Can therapy be provided in the home or a different location?

Yes, with the exception that evaluations and screenings are conducted in the office. At some point in your therapy, it may be beneficial to work on your skills in a natural environment (e.g., home, community). When this time comes, we will work together to create a plan to help you achieve the most success and carryover of your skills. 

Do you offer teletherapy?

Yes, we do. We can discuss specific information related to Telehealth during your initial consultation.

What forms of payment do you accept? Will you send a bill?

Payment will be due at the time of service. This includes any co-payments, deductibles, or cost shares for in-network clients. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, check and cash for your convenience. Returned checks will incur a returned check fee.